Ouyang Wu (ouyang.wu@basf.com)
ESR L: Monitoring and Optimal Operation of Batch Reactors under Consideration of Degradation Effects
Institution: BASF SE
Supervisor: Dr. Stefan Marco Schneider

Ouyang received M.Sc. degree in Process Control (2015) from Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering at University of Alberta (Canada). Previously, he graduated from Zhejiang University (China) with B.Eng. degree in Automation.

Work Experience
Research assistant at University of Alberta, Canada (2016).

Current activities
Ouyang is currently part of Advanced Process Control (APC) group in BASF SE. Also, he is a PhD student in Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and he is supervised by Dr. Lars Strum Imsland.

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