Goals of PRONTO

PRONTO European Industrial Doctorate

Overall aims
  • to equip a cohort of researchers with the full set of skills and industrial experience needed for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges,
  • to undertake a programme of applied R&D and interdisciplinary training with substantial exposure to the non-academic sector, to investigate the challenges and suggest solutions,
  • to launch the ESRs into exciting and influential careers as future leaders in the European process industries, supported by an international network of collaborators.

Research objectives

The research topics proposed by the consortium partners are:

  • data analytics to extract information from large, heterogeneous assemblies of data to determine machinery condition and process performance
  • optimization of operations, materials, energy and wastes taking machinery condition and process performance into account

The innovative technical step is the integration of information about equipment condition into all aspects of the process network operation, enabling decisions to be supported by the most up to date and relevant information. Results from the project will present evidence of how equipment condition monitoring leads to enhanced operation and optimization of existing plants.

Training of future leaders

The ESRs of PRONTO will become the next generation of industrial and academic leaders over a time scale of 20 to 25 years. Their early stage training with PRONTO will help them to become well-informed, confident, imaginative and creative. The ESRs will be able to see their results influencing the evolution and future development of Europe’s process industries and the consortium will take great care to disseminate results with this in mind.