Claims for the excellence of PRONTO

The proposed research topics are fully aligned with EU roadmaps for the European process industries such as SPIRE, thus contributing to the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The PRONTO consortium partners will offer to ESRs a high level of research training with in-depth knowledge of the private sector needs:

  • the academic partners include top universities in the world and Europe, as ranked by QS and other metrics.
  • the non-academic partners who will host EID fellowships and secondments are among the world’s best known companies, with high reputations for innovation and for corporate responsibility towards sustainability.

The training programme will have a high impact on the careers of ESRs and beyond:

  • the training programme will instil professional behaviour including entrepreneurship by means of training in addressing customer requirements, managing intellectual property and creating a business plan.
  • some of the training will also be open for external young researchers, widening the impact of the EID network.

PRONTO ESRs will broaden their career perspective.

  • working with end-user case studies from chemicals, oil & gas, and steel as process industries.
  • working with technology vendors, to learn how technology is transferred from the R&D laboratory into commercial products.
  • working on PhDs in leading universities to learn rigorous analytical approaches.

With the research and training experience from PRONTO, the ESRs will be launched into excellent careers and contribute in the longer term to the reinforcement of European innovation capacity.

PRONTO meeting