Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a global research university with more than 12,000 students, 92,000 alumni, and 5,000 faculty and staff. Based in Pittsburgh CMU has been a birthplace of innovation throughout its 112-year history. Today, CMU is a global leader bringing groundbreaking ideas to market and creating successful startup businesses. CMU’s award-winning faculty members are renowned for working closely with students to solve major scientific, technological and societal challenges. CMU puts a strong emphasis on creating things—from art to robots.

One of the partner institutions within Energy-SmartOps project is CAPD – Center for Advanced Process Decision-making. CAPD is a Carnegie Mellon University Research Center engaged in Process Systems Engineering Research for the Process Industries.

Research goals of CAPD are to:
– Understand and aid complex design and operation issues faced by industry
– Develop and advance modeling and solution methods for process systems engineering

The key research areas of the CAPD’s renowned faculty include topics such:
– Modeling and Optimization Algorithms
– Process Synthesis and Product Design
– Enterprise-wide Optimization and Process Operations
– Molecular Computing

The director of CAPD Prof. Ignacio E. Grossmann is serving as a supervisor within PRONTO.

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