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Name of Institution: University of Valladolid


HIRED ESRS: Anibal Galán


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The University of Valladolid (UVA) is the second oldest in Spain, its origins can be traced back to the XIII century. At present, it is a government-funded University under the administrative authority of the regional government, Junta de Castilla y Leon. UVA develops its mission of research and education with 26000 students and 2600 academic staff offering a wide range of academic degrees, from the traditional Law, Medicine or Humanities to Science and Engineering. The University promotes the development of new ideas and projects as well as the cooperation with its environment and supports actively the internationalization of its activities, being one the universities with a larger number of Erasmus students in Europe.


The research group participating in the PRONTO project, “Supervision and Process Control”, is with the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatic Control (ISA) and develops its activities in the field of Process Systems Engineering (PSE). The group focuses its research on advanced process control, process optimisation, fault detection and process supervision and modelling and simulation, trying to combine research on new methods and algorithms with development of software systems and industrial applications. The group is led by Prof. César de Prada and currently comprises 20 researchers. It maintains a close and stable cooperation with several companies and research organisations, as well as with other universities, mainly in Europe and Latin-America.