NETWORK MEETING @ Acciai Speciali Terni


During this two days meeting, ESRs and supervisors had the opportunity to visit the production facilities of Acciai Speciali Terni. The guided tour took the visitors through the different stages of the production process of stainless steel via the EAF-AOD route. An Electric Arc Furnace, an Argon Oxygen Decarburization reactor, a continuous caster and a hot rolling mill were visited. Additionally, ESRs focused on schedulling and stochastic programming topics gained insights of the italian energy market from experts in this field.An overview of AST plant can be obtained from here: Besides the management meeting, ESRs and Supervisors also participarted in a team building activity were the common passion for  culture and european history were shared, enriched and enjoyed. This short activity was held in Spoleto, IT. A historic city 20 Km away from Terni.