Imperial College London



Name of institution: Imperial College London

People present in PRONTO: Professor Nina Thornhill (coordinator), Angela Lonergan and Cristina Romano (Project managers)

Hired ESRs: ESR-K – Francesco Borghesan, ESR-N – Marta Zagorowska

Visiting ESRs: ESR-E – Matthieu Lucke from ABB-DE, ESR-D – Juan Londono from ABB-NO (both doing their PhDs at Imperial)

Description: Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London is the largest such Department in a UK University. The department has a variety of collaborations and interactions with chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and processing industries. Evidence that the work is recognized by industry is the establishment of the ABB/RAEng Chair of Process Automation which is held by the coordinator of the PRONTO project. Facilities include computer tools for optimization and modelling. The department has a new mid-scale (50 kg/hr) carbon capture pilot-plant.  Imperial College is involved with many research programmes from a wide range of sponsors, and also runs Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programmes with experience in FP7 and H2020  Marie Curie People Programmes and European Research Council programmes. This activity is supported by a team of dedicated Research Service staff in the European section of the Research Services administration.