Having an ESR at our refinery

I am Rafael Gonzalez-Martin, I work at an oil refinery as the Optimization & Control manager. We were convinced from the first beginning that having a doctorate student for a long period of time was a great idea, previous experiences with University always missed having someone located at the refinery, it was difficult to keep the performance of the cooperative projects due to the lack of this role. Here, at the refinery, the day to day tasks do not allow us to focus on innovative nor research projects as required, the Industrial doctorate project has changed completely the experience of collaborating with the University. Anibal Galan has been with us for 18 months as any other Optimization & Control Engineer but mainly focused on the doctorate project, he has been located with the rest of the engineering staff at the control room, this has enabled the full integration of Anibal  with the Operation people making the interaction with them much easier. I do not think that Anibal could understand our problems without being at the refinery for a long period of time, it has been really a great experience that we would like to repeat. I believe that this Industrial doctorate idea is the future of postgraduate studies, being able to find an interesting project for the Industry and the University will make this type of projects being very much appreciated, both for the student and the hosting company.  We were delighted with Anibal,  being able to speak Spanish helped very much, his personal attitude and communication skills made us believe in Anibal as a potential future refinery worker, we hope we will be able to offer Anibal an employment offer once he finishes the doctorate program. Based on the very good experience, we would like to repeat it.