ESRs at PSE2018

PSE 2018 July 1-5, 2018, San Diego, California, USA





ESRs of the PRONTO project attended the International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering San Diego, California, USA. They presented various results from PRONTO ranging from Demand Side Management to model predictive control.

The following talks were given:

  • Borghesan, F., Thornhill, N.F., Chioua, M., Forecast of persistent disturbances in process systems using a k-nearest neighbor and a weighted k-nearest neighbor method, PSE 2018.
  • Leo, E., Engell, S., Multi-stage integrated electricity procurement and production scheduling, PSE 2018
  • Dalle Ave, G., Harjunkoski, I., Engell, S., Industrial demand side management formulation for simultaneous electricity load commitment and future load prediction, PSE 2018
  • Bradford, E., Imsland, L., Economic model predictive control of batch processes using parameterized control policies, PSE 2018

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